7 Mobile Apps for Balancing College with Family Life

In the wake of a struggling economy, many people have made the choice to go back to college. Perhaps you lost your job due to downsizing, or your spouse’s job moved you across the country and you want to start fresh. Regardless of the reason, many are now juggling a family, a job and a college education. While this can be done successfully, it is not without its daily challenges.

Try to stay ahead of the game by planning carefully. Carve out chunks of time specifically for schoolwork and stick to it. Get ahead of the game as much as possible by completing reading and assignments in advance of due dates. That way when unexpected life events pop up, you won’t be in a crunch to meet school deadlines. Family time and your children’s needs still need to be priorities. Take time to unwind and have a little fun while you stay focused on your college degree. Use some of these apps for your mobile device to help keep you organized.


Keep every aspect of your life neatly compartmentalized with the Bento app. Named after the Japanese box that contains little compartments for your lunch, Bento does this electronically. Store phone contacts, important web sites, projects and anything else you don’t want to forget.


The counterpart to the desktop version, Omnifocus comes with you wherever you go, but stores your data in a cloud. It allows you to organize projects by goals, plan your day and get important reminders. Any information you enter will automatically sync with all of your devices. You can even get help running errands with the “nearby contexts” feature.


Whether you travel for business or pleasure, Tripdeck has you covered. Store all of your travel documents on your mobile device, from e tickets to hotel confirmations. You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips, without fumbling around in your baggage or pockets trying to find that confirmation number that is most likely sitting on your desk at home.


Remember when you were a teenager and your mom reminded you of every task, event or assignment that was due? The reQall app brings it all back by reminding you of your to-do list. It also has a voice-to-text feature for inputting your information hands-free.


The iThoughts app gives scatterbrained people the organization they can’t find on their own. Use it for brainstorming ideas like, “What’s my next career?” or “Should I take that course?” The app organizes the information for easy retrieval. You can also use it for note taking and goal setting.


Ever wish you could take your whiteboard calendar that’s hanging on your kitchen wall with you? It contains appointments and events for the entire family, deadlines and reminders. Now you can. BusyWeek lets you keep track of your entire family, so you’ll never miss an appointment or soccer game again. Organize information by any category, like event, person or venue.


This one is specifically for the students in the family. Take and organize notes during lectures or reading assignments with Simplenote. The app automatically uploads them to your computer or other mobile devices. Use it for grocery lists, to-do lists, and more.

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