Boys Have Their Version of Dress Up

Spidey with chameleon rubber boots & a toy Willy the whaleIt goes without saying that girls love to play dress-up. But what about boys? They have their own version of dress-up, too. Boys like to pretend to be cowboys, Indians, astronauts, police, and firemen.

To enhance their imaginations when playing these roles, they can dress for the part. By keeping a box of boy costumes and accessories in the playroom, you can help your son and his friends play dress-up as easily as the girls.

Buy Full Costumes

Many stores sell complete cowboy, firefighter, police officer, and other costumes for boys. Shop around and pick up some every now and then to add to your son’s collection.

He can be whatever he dreams of being on a particular day by searching for these boy costumes in his toy box. Ask him what he’d like to dress up as and pick up the outfits for holiday or birthday gifts.

Grab Pieces Here and There

Shop around thrift stores, your favorite department store, and even your own closets for pieces of costumes your son can put together to create his own dress-up outfits. Some supplies you’ll want to stock up on for him include a variety of hats, bandannas, boots, pants, shirts, and ties. Hang on to Dad’s cast-offs to add to his collection each season.

Stock Up on Accessories

When shopping for incidentals for your family, grab some extras to add to your son’s dress-up collection. You can add sunglasses, gloves, scarves, mittens, and other similar items to spark his imagination and to help him put together outfits he may not have originally thought of.

You can also buy inexpensive items in other departments, such as plastic sheriff’s badges in the toy department and small flashlights in housewares.

Use Other Items From Around Your House

Kids have wild imaginations and can create wonderful costumes from items you have laying around the house. Let them use old pillowcases for a variety of costumes by cutting arm and head holes in them.

Let your son use old towels as capes, a caveman outfit, or even a toga. Sheets are good for creating a variety of costumes, too. And don’t forget the simplest item of all: old Halloween costumes.

Keep the Costumes Clean

No matter where the items came from, you’ll want to make sure you fully clean them before your son and his friends use them. Just throw the items into the washing machine. Continue to wash them on a regular basis. If the items begin to wear and tear, you can either fix them or discard them and replace them with other items.

Have your son go through his collection every now and then to get rid of anything he doesn’t want anymore. Remove items that don’t fit him. If these items are in good condition, consider donating them to a thrift store.

The idea is to build up a collection of costumes your son and his friends can use to play their own version of dress-up, without them feeling like they’re playing a girl’s game. Let them use their imaginations to be whatever they dream of being.

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