The dreaded question: “Mom, can I have a tattoo/and or belly button ring?”

It’s on the TV shows all the time, teenagers asking their parents if they can have a tattoo or piercing for their birthday/doing well in school/among other things they want rewarding for. Most parents won’t simply allow it, what would be my answer? I’d say go ahead! Before you leave any crazy comments, let me just explain why I think this is OK and works best.

Teenagers won’t simply listen to no, especially when it comes to a question like this. I remember being in middle school and one of the girls decided to give herself a piercing because her parents wouldn’t allow it. She ended up getting sick because an infection and there wasn’t any possible way for her to get anything over the counter. She ended up having to tell her parents who got upset with her. She was very lucky though, because being that she isn’t a professional at all, she could have seriously hurt herself or even cause more pain and ended up in hospital.

Tattoos and piercings can be removed easily, either by surgery or just not wearing your rings and letting the opening close up. Parents have this thing where they think, “Oh my God, no, what would people think?!” Which isn’t entirely a big deal if you think about it. I mean, having a Playboy bunny is one thing, but having a nice little heart or unicorn isn’t something to get overly upset about. As long as they’re in places like arms or legs, people aren’t going to think that your teenager is a slut or whore. The piercings, as long as they’re limited to ears and belly button, shouldn’t be that big of deal either.

But really, I don’t see the big deal of having a tattoo, and I’d be one to think it’d be cool to go with parents to get it done. You won’t get away with it at school or at most work places, but I think it’s a good way of expressing yourself. I don’t have any myself, but I’m considering it. My friends have them, just above their knees, and it’s perfectly fine. They aren’t gross looking, they’re just images they like. We think it’s cool, and pretty brave of them! Their parents don’t really care that much either.

Kids will go out and do it anyway, and that’s the moral of this story. It’s better for a parent to go and support them and find them a clean and safe place for them to get these things done rather than letting them go out with their friends or do it on their own. If you can’t get your parents to side with you, just show them this post and maybe they’re reconsider. The good thing is that if you really don’t like the result of this particular choice, you can always go back on it. I think that’s the one thing that parents don’t really “get” so to speak!

Oh yeah, and some of my guy friends have them too, so it’s just not a girl thing! When it comes to piercings in your mouth though, think about how hard it’s going to be to try and eat later on… Probably the nose would be a little better.

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